What Is SEO Analysis?

The term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not new anymore. Most of us have heard of the term and know what it is used for, even if we do not know the details of the process.

Search Engine Optimization entails making various changes to a website to improve its search engine ranking. The purpose is to make it more visible to potential customers and increase the traffic on the website in order to increase sales. In short, SEO is critical to a business’ growth and success in today’s highly competitive world.

Have you ever wondered where this SEO process starts from?

From SEO Analysis!

Whenever a business contacts an SEO company, the very first thing it does, is to do the SEO analysis of its website. This is one of the signs of the right SEO Company.

What is SEO Analysis?

SEO analysis is a process that allows SEO companies to study a website in detail in order to find out the areas that needs work to improve the website’s search engine ranking.

There are variety of tools available, including both free and paid, to carry out the task.

After doing an SEO analysis, the companies come up with a detailed report. The components of the report vary depending upon the company and the tools that have been used for the analysis, but it generally includes:

  1. Reports about keyword performance. These include reports about the number of searches in a month, current rank and the keywords used by a business’ competitors.
  2. Data about page performance including (but not limited to) speed at which a page loads and how easy or difficult it is to navigate through pages.
  3. Report about existing links, including the back links that highlights the spammed, broken or bad links.
  4. Identifying the major competitors of a business and their SEO performances.
  5. Usage of meta descriptions and alt text for images.
  6. Structure or layout of the website and how responsive the design is.
  7. Pages where more content is needed.
  8. How social media can be integrated and used for improved functioning.
  9. Identification of the content that is duplicated.
  10. Certain recommendations for improving the website.

SEO Analysis is so important for effective search engine optimization that many companies do it even before quoting the price for SEO.

Why It Is Important To Do SEO Analysis?

Conducting an in depth SEO analysis for each website is important because:

  • Each website is different.
  • To know what a company is going to deal with and to identify the problems and areas that need major focus.
  • To make an informed decision about improving a website’s ranking and business.
  • To channelize and speed up the SEO process.

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