What Can a Web Designer do For You?

If you’re new to the online world as far as your business is concerned, you might not be too ‘up’ on what you need for your website. It’s certainly not as simple as just having a front page telling your online visitors who you are and what you do, and if you just go down a simple website front, you’re going to be lacking and falling behind the competition.

A web designer is one of the most valuable people you can have in your business armoury, and that is because their expert knowledge can be enough to push you ahead of the others, and ensure that the potential customers come to you first. At Linked we understand this point, and we have a team of expert web designer staff on hand to answer your call and requirements.

What is a Web Designer?

The answer is pretty much in the name! A web designer is a very highly skilled and highly knowledgeable person who can help you design the best possible website for your business. Not only making sure that the site is attractive and sums up the ethos of your particular business, but also giving you advice and tools to optimise your site for search engines, which will give you more chance of higher traffic levels. Of course, higher traffic levels also means higher potential for sales, equating to cash in your bank account!

A web designer is also someone who can give you advice on how to revamp an existing website also, so you can breathe new life into a site which isn’t working to high standards.

To sum it up, a top quality website should have the following qualities: 

  • The site should be clear and concise, without too much ‘waffle’;
  • It should be easy to maintain and updated regularly;
  • The site should be search engine optimised with various tools to ensure that Google, and the other top search engines, recognise its worth and place it higher up on the search result pages;
  • It should be attractive and have a design which sums up the company and what it is about/what it sells/what it stands for;
  • It should have backlinks which are clear and official;
  • There should be no broken links on the site at all, and regular checks should be made on this;
  • There should be a contact form/clear instructions on how visitors to the site can contact someone to ask questions;
  • If you are using the site as a shopping site, e.g. visitors can make a purchase, this should be an easy and secure process;
  • A blog or a personal style is a good additional also, as it is a way of speaking to the customer on a one on one basis. 

These are the basic things which a top quality website should have, and a high class web designer will be able to incorporate these ideas easily, whilst also adding a few extras in too.

The bottom line is that if you fail to recognise the important of a website, and not any old website, a class website, then you are also jeopardising the future of your business. When accessing these services is so easy, there really is no excuse not to get up with technology and obtain a quality website.

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