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Tips on How to Create a Good Web Design for your Business

Customers are increasingly turning to websites for information about the products they want to buy, thanks to internet driven marketing. This has led to an upsurge in the number of websites, and many more are being set up as we speak. Unfortunately, many websites are not up to par, substandard to say the least.

What does a low quality website mean? Low visitor numbers and ultimately poor sales. A serious matter you see.

So what does it take to design a quality website for your business that will keep visitors streaming to your site?

Six Features of a good website

If you are to make the most out of your website, take these factors into consideration during web design stage.

1. It should have a good visual appeal

The appearance is perhaps what strikes you first when you visit a website. Understandably so, we are visual beings.

Therefore, there is need to design the website to be catchy and pleasant to behold. That will be your first selling point.

As you do that, ask yourself a question. Is the appearance of the web in line with the general theme of the site? It should.

For instance, it is a site about organizing events, it should be bright flashy, playful and colorful. For a corporate’s site, settle on a reserved appearance that communicates some degree of seriousness and professionalism.

Also ensure the text used is legible and the photos are of high quality.

2. Easy to use

As you design a website, put yourself in the shoes of the user and see how easy it would be for you to navigate through the site.

If you want visitors coming back again and again to your site, you must make it easy to use. Difficulties and complications frustrates them and is an outright put off.

For ease of use, let the navigation be clear and follow a logical sequence. In addition, help the visitors minimize scrolling by availing bars where they are easily visible.

And if you will provide links ensure they are working properly.  

3. Invest in good content

What is the use of all that pomp and color if the website does not fulfill its core purpose, passing information?

The reason the visitor is in your site in the first place is to search for information. Give them just that, to their satisfaction.

Furnish the reader with relevant, informative and up-to-date information that will be helpful to them in decision making.

Use your content strategically to market yourself. Create high quality niche content which when blended well with appropriate key words will land you top positions in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

4. Link your website to your social media sites

There are many social medial platforms which put together have billions of users. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest are some of the most common sites.

Benefits come with the linkage. One, it will increase the online presence of your business. Secondly, it provides a wider audience to market your products to. Moreover, it generates referrals, word of mouth or when readers share the products with their friends on the platforms.

Apart from boosting your ranking, it also creates a higher potential of making profits.

5. Make the website smart-phone friendly

A while back, websites were designed specifically for computers. Not so any more.

Research has shown most people connect to the internet using their phones than they do using computers. In this respect, as you build your website keep in mind phone and computer users.

The key is responsive design. It will enable you create a flexible website that can function well with computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices that can connect to the internet.

6. Include all the crucial business information

It is very possible to focus on giving the visitors the best experience that you forget including certain critical information to the website.

The visitors will wish to know more about you once they are slain by your content. Provide them everything they need to know about your business.

Details like the goods or services you offer, location, contacts, mission and vision statements should be clearly indicated.

Make sharing options conspicuous and easy to use. Links to your other sites should also be clear.

Important too, provide platforms where visitors can comment or even ask questions. That will be a sure way to increase the value of your site. 

Want to create a website?

If you are tech savvy, incorporate these six features as you design your website. If tech language is foreign to you, let the best minds make and maintain one for you. Contact us today and let’s turn that desire to reality.