Using A Content Marketing Strategy to Improve Website Ranking

Did you know 60% of content marketing experts take site traffic as a measure of their success, and about 40% of them hold the opinion that search engine optimization ranking of content marketing is important?

So, you should not take content marketing lightly.

If the introductory part has prompted you to take your content marketing seriously, then firstly, you need to master your seo content in order to boost your SEO ranking.

But even before that, you should have a great website design to ensure convenient and easy navigation for users and user friendly blog content.

Although there are no rules to follow, this article tries to share some marketing strategy tips to help you boost your SEO methods to stay ahead of the curve in 2017.

It’s important you learn how to use a marketing strategy to improve your Search Engine Optimization rankings for now and the future, let’s talk about the following points in-depth, shall we?

  1. Craft High-Quality Blog Content

Google has done some significant changes in its algorithms to deal with content cloaking that was earlier perceived as black hat practice to boost rankings. Today, marketers don’t have any option other than to come up with high-quality content marketing strategy to help their sites rank higher on search engine result pages. The Google bots analyse the relevancy of content when crawling through different pages.

Latest search methods feature search engines to make sure engaging, distinctive and unique content ranks higher on SERPs. Today, long-form content has become preferable since search engines rank content based on word length: words between 1500 and 3000.

  1. Use SEO Keywords

Perhaps you already know how to use keywords in your title and body of content. You must also use keywords in your articles and blogs because they are not only relevant to your company, but they are also effective in boosting your ranking on the search engine results page.

To identify the right keywords to use for your ranking, use free search tools. The Keyword Planner by Google can analyse keywords that are ranked higher on Google.

  1. Put Keywords in Your URLs

This is a crucial content marketing strategy. Your content should have keywords in the title and body of content. But for better rankings, place your keywords in your URLs as well. Most users choose to visit your site or not based on your website URL. You will need to ensure your website ranks well.

Insert an anchor text that describes your content briefly. Make your URL relevant to the users and Google bots.

  1. Ensure Your Website is User-Friendly

According to Marketinggland, there are about 3.6 billion mobile users. It would not be good if a mobile user visits your site and finds it hard to navigate. According to Neilpatel, the total number of searches on cell phones has witnessed a 43% increase every year. Also, the Google’s algorithms ranked mobile-friendly websites highly on their search engine results page.

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