LinkedIn For Professionals

LinkedIn Training: How to Creatively Use LinkedIn to your Benefit.

LinkedIn is a social networking platform for professionals. Launched in 2003, the company has 500 million users spread in over 200 hundred countries. Out of these, slightly over 100 million are active users. Moreover, it is in over 24 different languages to cater for the different people groups who use the platform.

Some have dismissed LinkedIn as a den of hungry jobseekers or a large database of resumes. You will gravely be mistaken to assume so. LinkedIn is a very resourceful platform and networking tool which when put to proper use can turn the fortunes of your business or your career.

So how do I effectively use LinkedIn for my good? Follow these tried and tested tips, and be sure to share with us the good news of your good fortunes.

Connect wisely

LinkedIn is a professionals’ social site. No other social network brings together professionals like LinkedIn does. And many more professionals are joining the site every day.

As a professional, it is important to build your personal brand and network with fellow professionals. Connect with schoolmates, workmates, former workmates, screened strangers, just about anyone you deem beneficial to you professionally.

Key industry players are a must connect. You will get a nuggets of wisdom from what they share. And in case job vacancies or opportunities in the industry most likely they will be the first to share.

Important too, join groups you share with common interest and be an active participant. Industry leaders will take note of you.

So don’t frown at the next connect request you receive, it could be a connection to a great fortune.

Advertise and market your products

This might be news to you but you really can market your products via LinkedIn. Integrating LinkedIn in your internet marketing strategy can make it very successful.

Actually, LinkedIn can enhance your ranking in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing strategy. In ranking, Google takes into account online presence, therefore presence in LinkedIn is registered as social network signal hence a better ranking in search engine result page (SERP).

Apart from marketing, you can advertise your products on LinkedIn. It allows you post highly targeted advertisements that get to the target audience with maximum results. Factors like industry and job titles can be used to segment the audience for targeting.

It’s also possible to sell your products directly.


There are two versions of LinkedIn, basic and premium. Basic is free of charge and has the usual features: home, jobs, search bar, notifications, invitations, messaging, my network etc. These work well for a basic user.

But if you are after getting the best out of LinkedIn, consider upgrading to the premium version. Though it is paid for, it is worth every Euro invested. It comes with additional features that enhance your user experience.

It not only tells you how many times your profile was viewed but tells you who exactly viewed you. In addition to a host of premium plans, you also get better advertising and marketing deals.

Use it for job search and recruitment

LinkedIn should be the first stop for anyone looking for a job or looking for a qualified person to hire. Like a market connects buyers and sellers, LinkedIn is the spot where qualified professionals meet potential employers.

As a job seeker, all the potential employers a button away. You can search and get contacts of your dream organisation and apply. Besides, lots of job listings are posted by employers. If you qualify you can’t take advantage of the job offers.

There is one thing many job seekers gloss over. Your profile. Did you know your profile could get you a job without applying for it? So package your profile well that it becomes your resume.

As an employer, it still is a good place to recruit. You will have a rich variety of potential employees to select from.

Conduct your research and business intelligence.

LinkedIn presents so much information which can be very helpful for your business prowess. If you want to get the latest trends in your industry, the information is well there. If there is certain professional information you need to know, you can easily search and find it right there. This makes LinkedIn an indispensable research tool in this age.

Through LinkedIn you can also spy on your competitors. Information like the number and kind of employees they employ and frequency of recruiting will tell you a lot about their growth rate and competency. Armed with this intelligence, you can develop strategies to counter them and remain ahead.

Evidently, LinkedIn is a goldmine. Use the mentioned tips and make the best out of LinkedIn.