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                                               Google Re-targeting (GDN).

Google retargeting is more like the traditional marketing follow-up where a salesperson would go back to the people they had talked to about a product to convince them over again to make a purchase; only that it happens online.

Individuals who visited a particular website or mobile app but didn’t act as expected are later on presented with the individualized advertisement to get them to act in the desired way. The ads pop up as the targeted individual is surfing the net on Google and its affiliate websites.

Google retargeting as a marketing strategy is growing in popularity. For a good reason. Numerous researches conducted in different settings have come to the same finding: that less than 5% of buyers make a purchase on the first visit to a site. Shocking, right?

But you shouldn’t be utterly shocked, that simply is our nature as human beings. We are always not quick to seal deals, lest we miss a better one. So we will search widely to compare the available options. Other people are just indecisive. Some, however, just need a little more pushing and convincing to place the order.

That’s where Google remarketing comes in. The constant bombardment with ads presents the perfect push to cure indecision, melt away any fears and concerns, and get the potential buyer make a purchase.    

However, making a purchase is not always the desired action. It all depends on the goal of remarketing drive. You can remarket differently to new buyers and existing customers or even according to the stage at which a potential purchase was abandoned.

Having said that, let’s explore the available options when it comes to re-targeting.

                                         Types/ Forms of Google Re-targeting.   

  • Standard remarketing. This is a very basic form of Google remarketing. Static image advertisements of a product will be shown to individuals who previously visited your site when they browse websites and apps within the Display Network. The ads they see will depend on the specific section of the website they visited.
  • Dynamic remarketing. Unlike standard remarketing in which retargeting is based on the site a person visited, dynamic remarketing is based on the specific product(s) the person viewed on the sites. Thus they get to be retargeted with the specific product ads. This highly targeted strategy comes with increased conversion rates further boosting sales.
  • Remarketing list for search ads. This form of remarketing targets individuals who visited your website looked at a certain product but left and made Google searches about a similar product.
  • Video remarketing. This plays out on YouTube. Here, personalized ads are showed to individuals who have watched your videos on your YouTube channel. The intention, as with the others, is to increase product awareness and reinforce the message to generate the intended results.
  • Customer list remarketing. If you store your customers’ information this technique may work well for you. Just upload their contact details and sit back. When they sign in to Google and its affiliate sites, the intended ads are displayed to them.

                                             Benefits of Google Remarketing.

As you may have already noticed, Google Re-targeting offers numerous benefits to online salespeople. Among others, these are the specific benefits that accrue from its use:

  • Increased brand awareness. When potential buyers are exposed to a product over and over again through numerous retargeting ads, they become more aware of the brand. When they are ready to purchase chances are high they will go for that product.
  • High levels of targeting. Google remarketing allows you several options to send a specific group of people highly specialized advertisements. This enhances the effectiveness of the marketing effort.
  • Has a wide reach. Millions upon millions of people use Google and other related apps every day. This presents a very huge audience ripe for retargeting.
  • Ease of monitoring. Real-time campaign statistics are always available to the site owner. This allows them to closely monitor the re-targeting and effect any necessary changes.
  • The ads are easy to create and relatively cheap to run. With little information, just about anyone can create a cool ad. And since the same ad can be shown to many individuals, it absolves you the pressure to customize it for every potential customer. Moreover, the cost of hosting the ad on Google is very affordable.

Now that you have an overview of what Google re-targeting is, seen the different forms and explored its benefits, perhaps you are coming to the conclusion it is something you could make use of to propel your business to the next level. Well, we are here for you. We will help you with your Google-retargeting drive right from the set-up, monitoring, and evaluation. Ready? Contact us today and let’s get started.

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