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Linked Media - Web Design and Digital Media Marketing

Welcome to Linked Media, we are a full-service digital performance media agency. Experts in building high performing websites that not only look great, but also perform like a finely tuned engine. We focus on the 2 most important areas, the user experience and website performance. Not only do we build kick-ass websites, but we also provide a full suite of digital services. Your website is only the starting point of your digital journey, you need your brand to engage with your target market and this is where our digital intelligence kicks in. We build digital strategies and execute those same strategies with our digital intelligence. We help companies grow their brand through online engagement and sales through digital channels such as SEO, PPC, Re-Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing and guess what! We are the only digital agency in Ireland with a Certified LinkedIn trainer (that we know of).

So, what makes us different?

At Linked Media, our core value is Integrity, we provide full transparency with all our projects and clear communication with everything you need to know. There is no digital Jargon or confusing reports, and we provide a clear simplistic digital path for you and your business. 

Get in touch and see how WE can help YOU and your business.