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The Importance of Content Marketing

These days, most information is sought online. If we are researching the best places to go on holidays, we usually turn to google, searching everything from reviews, to hotels, to activities, and generally, a recently written, up-to-date site or blog is just what people are looking for. The same can be said for any industry from technology to fashion. People want to be kept up-to-date, and seek easy to read articles or blogs, or easy to watch videos. So it makes sense that in order to attract more customers, and better quality customers, you need to have an up-to-date, relevant, and highly engaging website, with highly engaging, and relevant content to boot.

Here at Linked, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best content marketing services and solutions, providing high quality content to feature online.

What is Content Marketing?

It’s important to pinpoint exactly what content marketing is before we move on. Content marketing is the process of creating and posting high quality marketing solutions, in order to drive traffic and sales towards a business. High quality content marketing has the following important functions:

  • Increased traffic;
  • Increased sales;
  • Increased word of mouth marketing;
  • Money savings for the business;
  • Attracting customers who are more loyal to the business;
  • Better reputation.

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Content marketing is important to stand out from the crowd. With a growing amount of websites and competitors, your content may be the one thing to drive consumers to yours above the rest. The more up to date, relevant and  attractive, your content is, the better.

Content marketing is about providing businesses with tailored content for their websites, incorporating SEO techniques, such as keywords and links, whilst also being easy to read, engaging, and aimed towards attracting the right kind of customer for a particular business, and retaining that customer too. Think about websites you have visited as a customer yourself, what put you off? Probably content which was out of date, boring, not relevant, and seemingly driven only towards selling something. This is a big turn off for the customer, and something which needs to be avoided.

High quality content should be/have:

  • Relevant;
  • Updated regularly;
  • Never rehash content;
  • Engaging;
  • Appropriate for the audience;
  • A call to action should be included, but not too obvious;
  • Not too sales-orientated e.g. it should be a subtle push towards purchasing, not a dramatic and obvious one.

What Kind of Content Works Best on a Website?

It totally depends what type of business we are talking about in terms of the website and what is relevant. Generally speaking, blogs work very well indeed, because they speak to the customer on a one to one, personal basis, rather than being  a sales copy, which most people see straight through. On the other hand, a blog might not work for a formal kind of business, and in that case, articles and notices can often work much better.

Content marketing is not only about providing the content for a website to use, but also targeting the right kind of content too. Here at Linked we source high quality content which is tailored to your particular business and needs, helping drive profitable traffic and custom towards your business. Written by high quality writers, native speakers, and those qualified in your particular field, our content marketing techniques are individual and high quality, no matter what field of business you are in.

It’s All About Relevance

At the end of the day, if your website and its content isn’t relevant, nobody is going to read past the first line; you will lose attention immediately and you certainly won’t get it back. By choosing Linked for your content marketing needs, you can be sure of a high quality service, sure to send traffic your way – at that point, it’s up to your customer service and product range to push the interest towards a profitable ending, e.g. a sale for you.

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