These days, pushing business towards your company is about more than just a little marketing and a clever strategy; these days you need to think in a much more technical way. The Internet has revolutionised the way we do just about everything in life, from our grocery shopping, to clothes shopping, bookings holidays overseas, to even buying a new house, but this has also meant a major shift in the way we do business too.

No business is successful without a top quality website, but if you don’t have the skills and knowledge to be able to develop such a thing, how do you go about it? Thankfully, there are many companies out there who will help you achieve your business objectives, and it’s all about a term called SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and that basically means the methods to push your website to the top of the search engine rankings. If you think about it rationally, when you are searching for something in your personal time, perhaps a holiday destination or a company to book a holiday with, do you look much past the first page?

Be honest. No!

In order for any business to be successfully they need to be at the top of the Google search page, and that is where SEO comes in. Companies such as can certainly help you meet these aims. Of course, at first you need a good quality website.

What Makes a High Quality Website?

A top class website needs to have the following features: 

  • Be easy to read and easy to follow;
  • All links must work and be pertinent;
  • The site must be attractive, but also fit in with the theme of the business;
  • Be updated regularly;
  • A blog which speaks directly to the customer;
  • Media, such as videos or images, to pull in attention;
  • Have testimonials from previous customers, to validate interest;
  • Look professional; 

If a site has links that don’t work, it is hard to follow, and is very rarely updated, then customers will simply move on to the next site, therefore giving their money to competitors. This is not useful to a business, and is certainly not good practice.

How to Make SEO Work For You

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, is about many different things, but the first steps starts with that website. If you don’t know how to design a website, you can purchase a template to help you, or you can hire someone to design the site for you, helping you get started in this world of SEO. Freelancers are skilled and highly efficient in such areas, and they can help you design an all singing, all dancing site which will dazzle your customers. You could then choose to maintain it yourself afterwards, or you could hire someone else to do the website side of things for you – it really depends where your talents lie.

Once you have the website set up, it’s about content. Keywords are so important in the SEO world, because this is a way to drive traffic to your site. When you search for something on Google, for instance, there are certain words you will put in, in order to try and find what you are looking for.

As an example if you’re looking for a new quartz worktop for your kitchen, you will probably search for ‘quartz worktops’, or ‘kitchen countertops’; there could be a number of different word orders you will use, but Google will follow patterns and see what terms are the most popular – companies can then access this knowledge and find out what these popular search terms are. Once you know what the search terms you that you need, you can seamlessly weave these into your content, in order to push your site to the top of the page, because it is showing the customer what they are searching for.

The best way to seamlessly weave these words into content is to hire a writer to do it for you, someone who is highly skilled in SEO practice. If the keyword sticks out like a sore thumb, because it is placed unnaturally, the reader is going to see straight through it, as will Google.

SEO Is About Professionals

As you can see, maximising your SEO efforts is about finding the right people to help you. SEO services by Linked can help you by targeting your website for improvement. Of course, it’s not all about a good website and use of keywords, but as a basic starting point, these are certainly two of the most important areas you need to look towards, in order to send more custom your way.


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