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LinkedIn For Professionals

In September 2000 Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, Luke Nosek, and Reid Hoffman held a secret meeting. They gathered at Hoffman’s grandmothers house in Gualala, California. The reason for the secret meeting was to figure out how they would save PayPal. In August 2000, they wasted $12 million dollars in one month without making any revenue. The earliest version of LinkedIn was one of Hoffman’s propositions. At that time, social networks were just starting to take off. The concept of LinkedIn has been particularly relevant in the tech wave that was going on back then. Thus, Hoffman decided to take LinkedIn beyond the napkin stage. At any rate, they later sold PayPal to eBay, and the rest is history.

Today, droves of professionals are joining LinkedIn. They are utilising it in creative ways for their benefit. LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social networks for professionals. Microsoft, the giant software company, acquired LinkedIn in a $26 billion dollar deal. Leaving Salesforce in the dust! With that said, this history lesson was necessary to put things in context. Professionals must realise how LinkedIn is important for them. Moreover, how it will continue to play an important role in the future.

LinkedIn is a Virtual Resume

LinkedIn is more than just a social network for professionals. It is an online, living, and breathing representation of you or your business. The resume evolves with you, and develops as you, as a business entity, grow. As the business world moves into more tech savvy territories. A LinkedIn profile is a potent way to establish your credibility. It is quite something considering that just a few years ago LinkedIn was nothing.

LinkedIn Connects You With Other Professionals Like You

LinkedIn is designed to work for professionals. No other social network can claim the same. The people of LinkedIn already know why they are there and what they are looking for. That means you don’t have to work extra hard to “look” professional.

You are already assumed to be professional. If you don’t believe me. Consider how easy it is to find a particular individual, in a particular industry, with a given position, in a few pokes on the keyboard. So, it is targeted, and helps you create secure and easy connections. Whether you are looking for talent, or a job, LinkedIn is a must-use tool.

LinkedIn is equipped with tons of features that qualify it to be a reliable CRM. That’s right, you can manage your entire company’s online presence via LinkedIn. LinkedIn profiles are used as a “promotion machine” for you as a professional or as a business. LinkedIn gives you the tools to create your online presence painlessly.

You can get a blog; you can get others to endorse you, and much more. LinkedIn is also vital in building your personal brand.

LinkedIn is a Fantastic Internet Marketing Tool

Particularly when it comes to search engine optimisation, Google pays attention to social network signals. If you have a LinkedIn presence, it will be in the top results. A LinkedIn profile is an integral part of any well-rounded social media marketing strategy. Having more content such as blog posts, videos, and links to your website is one of the most efficient ways of improving your professional presence online.

LinkedIn Has A Superior Advertisement

While everything we talked about so far is free. The paid services of LinkedIn are unmatched by any other social network. Highly targeted advertisements allows you to zoom in and find the data. Or find the right prospect for the job at hand. If you are a professional looking for a job, do yourself a favour and advertise on LinkedIn. Moreover, you can sell your products directly through LinkedIn. The “Premium” services of LinkedIn provides a broad range of professional service that gives you invaluable information about your industry, and much more.

That is not all; LinkedIn is a huge network of practitioners. Using your imagination, it can be a powerful tool in your professional toolbox. If you are not already linked in, you are missing out, big time!

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