Facebook is not just for sharing hilarious status updates and quotes with inspiring photographs in the background, it is about connecting with the world around you. Of course, from a social point of view, Facebook has networked people together, and sometimes even back together, in a massive way, but there are many business advantages to this social media giant too.

More than 1.4 billion people have active Facebook accounts, and on a daily basis around 900 million users visit the site – think about your own Facebook activity; do you check just once per day? Probably not, most of us check several times during the day and we are usually always contactable for Facebook Messenger too. Now, if you can make this work for you in a business sense, you could be looking at massive profits.

How Does Facebook Advertising Work?

Linked.ie can help you figure this whole Facebook Ads riddle out, meaning that you can make cold, hard cash from the social media site alone.

Facebook Advertising can clearly be seen on the mobile and desktop versions of the site. On the desktop you will see sponsored ads running down the right hand side, and on the mobile version they appear in the timeline. These are both clearly visible for users to see, and when someone is sat wasting time on the bus, perhaps just meandering through their timeline, the fact they could stumble upon an advert which is targeted to their age group and likes, means they are likely to click on it, and perhaps purchase your goods or service.

What Does That Mean? Profit!

Adverts are targeted to age and audience, so if you are trying to sell a product which is targeted to 21-35 year old’s, then this will show up in the timeline/desktop page of users in that age group. This of course means that you are more likely to reach the people you need to reach, instead of your advert being viewed by people whom it is not intended for.

Targeted marketing in this way is highly effective and when it is done on a viral scale such as this, you are reaching countless other people, millions even, which you would never have reached otherwise.

Of course, this service doesn’t come for free, and there is a small fee for each advert you place. You can set up a daily limit for your campaign, so you don’t go over budget, where you tell Facebook how much you’re prepared to pay, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be looking at a big bill at the end of it. You’re in control of your marketing strategy on all accounts, from your budget to who you target.

Facebook Advertising also targets location, so if you are in the London area and you want to reach out to the millions of users in that region, you don’t have to send your advert to the world and have people from China looking at it – that is simply a waste of time and resources. This targeted approach has been proven to be highly effective.

The Power Of Facebook

At the beginning of this piece we talked about how widely used the social media site is, but it is certainly about more than the social side of things. Whether your business has a page or not, it is vitally important to have a presence on Facebook, so consider setting up a business page and encouraging users to like it. If someone likes your page, it will show up on their timeline, and their friends will then see this and perhaps they will like it, which then prompts their friends to see it and do the same – the chain goes on; it’s almost like a technological form of word of mouth, which reaches right around the world and back again.

There is so much power to social media these days, and Facebook in particular. If you can grab some of this power and send it towards your business marketing efforts, you could be looking at seriously boosted sales, and that of course means mega profit for your business, with only a very small fee to be paid for it.

Check out Facebook Advertising today and see how it can benefit your business in the most positive of ways, looking forward to increased sales as a result.


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